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Accounting EDI Services

EDI for Accounting

Accounting systems will benefit from EDI in many ways, for example we would translate the information received via EDI document into the required file type that will be imported directly into the accounting software, this replaces manually entering data and also eliminates errors commonly made by keying data into the software. Also by exporting data for invoices directly from your accounting system we can take that file and generate EDI invoices and transmit them directly to your clients as they require.

x12 Transaction sets used in Accounting

EDI Account Assignment/Inquiry and Service/Status (248)

The purpose of the 248 Account Assignment/Inquiry and Service/Status document is its used for two way, multi-transactional purposes of assigning accounts for collection, reporting status inquiries, inquiry responses and to update accounts between entities. Used within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. Standard EDI formats include X12, ANSI, EDIFACT and its subsets.

EDI Wage Determination Transaction set (288)

This bi-directional transaction set can be used to request and respond to requests for wage information such as prevailing wage rates. This information can be determined by occupational categories, geographical area, nature of the workforce, and contract status.

EDI Cooperative Advertising Agreements Transaction set (290)

This transaction set is used to initiate, review, and conclude a cooperative advertising agreement. It is designed to be used iteratively. The transaction set can be used to request advertising support, provide guidelines for local advertising, provide cost or budget estimates, issue a cooperative advertising commitment, and provide the actual expenses.

EDI Income or Asset Offset Transaction set (521)

This bi-directional transaction set can be created by an agency or entity to require an employer or asset holder to withhold and deliver assets or income on behalf of a person or entity to whom they are owed, as in a levy, lien, or garnishment. It can also be used to confirm or modify a prior notification. This transaction set can also be used by the employer or third party to report the ability to comply with the requirement and the terms of that compliance and may be used to initiate an electronic funds transfer in order to satisfy the requirement.

EDI Income or Asset Offset Transaction set (527)

This transaction set may be used to convey a description of the material, receiving conditions and quantities, necessary contract information, and other logistics information. This transaction set is bi-directional between trading partners. The transaction set can be used to provide advanced notification of scheduled material receipts, to report receipts, and to inquire about the status of receipt reporting.

EDI Invoice Transaction Set (810)

The 810 Invoice is the electronic version of the paper-based invoice document. It is typically sent in response to an EDI 850 Purchase Order as a request for payment once the goods have shipped or services are provided.

EDI Account Analysis Transaction set (822)

The 822 EDI document is most often sent by a bank to report balances, service charges, and similar transactions to corporate clients. After the 822 Account Analysis is received, a 997 Functional Acknowledgment is sent back from the receiver indicating that the 822 Account Analysis was successfully received.


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